A card designed for
international students.

No social security number required.

No credit score needed.

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Brought to you by internationals from

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Made with you in mind.


Not needed.




Not needed.


None as we don't allow you to carry a balance.


Up to the balance in your

linked bank account.


Daily or weekly so that you build your credit score.

Spend when you land

Apply and receive your credit card before you arrive in the U.S.

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Rewards that matter

Earn cashback and special rewards from our partners.

Credit from day one

Watch your credit score grow as we ensure you always pay on time.

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Built for Internationals,
By Internationals.

We understand. We care. We innovate.

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Li, Harvard

Applying and getting a credit card was a nightmare for me as an international and I'm glad ChrysCard is solving this problem.

What Students are Saying

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Shilpa, UCLA

Accessing financial products in the U.S. is tough without a SSN or credit score. I'm excited to have a credit card with a much higher limit.

Korean Male Student.PNG

Joseph, Northwestern

The U.S. credit scoring system is so complex! It's nice that ChrysCard helps me seamlessly build a credit score as an international student.

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